The unlikely entrepreneur

Have you ever found yourself doing something and suddenly realized, “Now I am a grown-up”? Like when you closed on your first home, bought something like a sump pump . . .

I had the “Now I am an entrepreneur.” moment yesterday when I was ordering a toll-free number for my office line and had to research which ones supported conference calling.

I almost hate to use the “e-word” because I always envision some super-organized, hyper-motivated, impossibly educated go-getter with an impeccable pedigree. – and that seems like a hard image to fill. I am just a guy with a fair amount of BI experience that realized that certain people and roles were being ignored by traditional consulting models.

I really posted this to document that I went with Kall8 for the toll free number with conference calling. I have only used them a bit, but they seem decent. (If you’re looking and would like to knock 5 clams off of my monthly bill, click here and reference eight-eight-eight-678-4279)

Also (very related to the previous post), after researching on the web, I ultimately searched one of my LinkedIn networks to see who had solved this problem already. So that’s : Friends – 2 / Web – 0, and counting.

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