Is Business Intelligence your company’s “Tree of Souls” ?

(Minor Avatar spoilers below – in case you’re one of the 3 people who hasn’t seen it yet)

I was driving to a clients this past week and just free-associating, listening to an NPR segment about the movie Avatar and also thinking about this upcoming Business Intelligence implementation.

In the movie, “Avatar”, the “Tree of Souls” is a nexus where sentient beings can connect and understand the will of that planet’s deity. At some point the “AllMother”, through the “Tree of Souls”, acts on the different populations to coordinate their efforts and accomplish something truly remarkable.

It occurred to me that that is what we are trying to do with Business Intelligence: allow people to connect to information and by virtue of the information revealed, align and influence their actions to accomplish something truly remarkable.

So you see, the movie Avatar is really about Business Intelligence.

Is Business Intelligence your company’s “Tree of Souls” ?

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