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Inexpensive iPad holder – less than $5

I just needed a temporary solution to hold my iPad at my desk. It’s worked out pretty well. Thought I’d post the tip: It’s an Office Depot Plate Holder, Clear Item # 544474

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Resetting "Windows XP Mode" to initial settings

Under Windows 7 64-bit ultimate edition, I’ve had the need to reset my “Windows XP Mode” to initial settings several times over the past few days. Initially I did this because as I used the XP virtual environment, the VHD … Continue reading

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Burn the Ships

Although it’s probably an apocryphal story, legend has it that Cortez instructed his men to “Burn the Ships” upon encountering the New World. This has become (in my parlance, anyway) a catchphrase for being irrevocably committed to a particular course of action. … Continue reading

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