#MSBIC Keynote

Ted KummertMS Uses BI to ship, track defects.

Recollection of BI Conference 2008 – the fairy tale.

Managed self-service business intelligence.

State of BI today

20% have BI.

There are many things that end users should be able to solve on their own. e.g. Add some data to a report.

BI practitioners can then focus on strategic development and implementations.

  • Familiar tools
  • Collaboration
  • Managed

Scenario #1: HR Professional, doing salary analysis, a mixture of internal data and data from the wild. IT is too busy, so it’s built in Excel.

Solution: PowerPivot, powerful in-memory columnar database. Can also render in SharePoint without additional download. Sharepoint is both point of collaboration and management

Scenario #2: Self-service reporting

Solution: Report Builder 3.0, Grab and go Reporting – component library.

Q: “Hey Microsoft, how do I get BI?” A:  Office, SharePoint, & SQL Server. This should turn bi into Utility, like electricity.

Micheal Tejedor

  • Demo of SharePoint
  • Demo of Search
  • Demo of SilverLight report catalog viewer.

“PowerPivot extends Excel with an in-memory database add-in”

DAX – similar to Excel expression language

Now showing SharePoint workflow

Now showing the management workbooks that track system usage activity. Example, a report that has grown in frequency can be moved into DW.

Ayad shammout

Case study – Healthcare Harvard University’s Teaching Hospital – 4 hospitals
PowerPivot removes the lines between users and IT
Medical data needs to be protected. Used SQL2008 audit feature
44 million rows in excel

“Dashboard” built in about 6 hours. Also uses mapping. Uses power pivot data as a source. Uses mapping control and report builder 3.0

Analysis: readmission – find out who should was released too early. 2 days manual work, new Powerpivot report takes about 4 hours, 30 gig compresses down to 5 Meg

Kummert: manual process convert to efficient automation

Donald Farmer

alpha geek challenge

Entry 1-employee morale Dan coming ore
Entry 2-flights
Entry 3-personality characteristics
Great visualization
Entry 4-(joke) applause by

A look into the future
“not announcing features or schedule”
The cloud (say it: cloud, cloud, cloud)
Where are you headed in terms of providing BI in the cloud?
Intent is to offer all the capabilities of SQL in the cloud, including reporting.
Commoditization of IT into the cloud. Search, social media.
Compliance- data quality. Problem: what is the key reference data
Data cleansing- machine learning
Lineage, impact analysis. Requires thinking deeply about a metadata strategy
Increasing data volumes. More transactions, more detail from those transactions
Parallel data warehouses coming soon
Working with hardware vendors on reference implementations
Codename Dallas. Reference content.

Amir Netz

Alpha code demo:
How were unifying the models
New data visualization & powerpivot
EPG Waterfall analysis – redacted data
Professional BI
KPI’s in PowerPivot. They’ve been in the engine, but not exposed via UI
@amirnetz just demoed PowerPivot based KPI’s at #msbic keynote. They look slick, better than performancepoint

Way cool! PowerPivot Calculation impact analysis tracing diagram demoed by @amirnetz at #msbic http://tweetphoto.com/26228397

2 Billion rows in Excel. sub-second response.

Wow. Awesome keynote. More later…

Recording is now available

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