Welcome (back) to my new (old) site

Somewhere around 2013 I was so awed by Microsoft’s Office 365 offering that I went “all-in” and moved my website to the then-nascent platform. Earlier this year the powers-that-be “sunsetted” the public-facing website portion of that product, so here we are, back in the open-source world.

I’ve been stupendously lazy about my web-site over the past 5 years. For a good reason – I’ve been very busy with Business Intelligence projects and professional services. One of my 2018 resolutions was to update my web-site and nudge the activity up just a bit. So I got a bit of early inspiration by learning that no-one could access the public Office 365 site anymore.

I’m still knocking back the cobwebs, but welcome – or welcome back.

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