Welcome (back) to my new (old) site

Somewhere around 2013 I was so awed by Microsoft’s Office 365 offering that I went “all-in” and moved my website to the then-nascent platform. Earlier this year the powers-that-be “sunsetted” the public-facing website portion of that product, so here we are, back in the open-source world. I’ve been stupendously lazy about my web-site over the […]

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MDX for Date Formatting

This is a simple MDX snippet, but it comes up often enough that I think it’s worth a blog entry. A frequent question that comes up is how to format dates for display in MDX, especially in the parameter boxes on Reporting Services reports. The best practice is to let whatever front end you are […]

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#MSBIC Keynote

Ted KummertMS Uses BI to ship, track defects. Recollection of BI Conference 2008 – the fairy tale. Managed self-service business intelligence. State of BI today 20% have BI. There are many things that end users should be able to solve on their own. e.g. Add some data to a report. BI practitioners can then focus […]

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