Devils and Angels of BI Architecture

Devil: You don’t need to set up a separate star schema databaseAngel: Yes you do. We don’t want to  interfere with the operational systemsDevil: It’s sooo much workAngel: We want to create a simplified schema to benefit our end usersDevil: Phooeh. ETL is BORINGDevil: Just query the source system directlyDevil: What could be better than… Continue reading Devils and Angels of BI Architecture

The “Million Dollar” BI Architecture Diagram

Anyone who has worked with me or taken training from me has seen some variant of this diagram. It’s not an original concept, although this version has been refined to include my personal experience with many Business Intelligence implementations, as well as my bias towards both the Kimball Business Dimensional methodology and using Microsoft SQL… Continue reading The “Million Dollar” BI Architecture Diagram

Is Business Intelligence your company’s “Tree of Souls” ?

(Minor Avatar spoilers below – in case you’re one of the 3 people who hasn’t seen it yet)I was driving to a clients this past week and just free-associating, listening to an NPR segment about the movie Avatar and also thinking about this upcoming Business Intelligence implementation.In the movie, “Avatar”, the “Tree of Souls” is… Continue reading Is Business Intelligence your company’s “Tree of Souls” ?

Windows 7’s ‘GodMode’

Weird but cool – nice way to shortcut steps in W7:;pop  or video

Dec 8th, 2009 ITA BI Roundtable Presentation

On Dec 8th, I was fortunate to present an overview of SQL Server 2008 Integration Services to the Illinois Technology Association’s Business Intelligence Roundtable. The actively-involved participants had many questions. Here are links to all of the prerequisite, supplemental, and follow-on resources we discussed: Dimension Design (aka Star Schema) Methodology: The Data Warehouse Toolkit: The… Continue reading Dec 8th, 2009 ITA BI Roundtable Presentation

Creating great courseware

I was recently surveyed by Microsoft about the Microsoft Learning: Microsoft Certified Trainer program. One of the questions was about the Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC). I’ve been using MOC in one form or another for about 15 years. Although I was only answering a question in the moment, I grabbed my comment about how to create courseware into a text file, and it seemed… Continue reading Creating great courseware